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  • Kuwait Information Network

    What is the Kuwait Information Network?

    The Kuwait Information Network is a fast and secure government communication network to link government agencies with each other and represents the infrastructure for all e-government projects in Kuwait.

  • Training Portal

    What is the Training Portal?

    The Central Agency for Information Technology works to provide the best services and training programs to implement the objectives set forth in Item VI of Article Two of Emiri Decree No. 266 of 2006, which is the training of technical human cadres working in the field of technology and industry in the country and developing their capabilities in this field.

  • Companies Registery

    What is the Companies Registery?

    The company registration system aims to improve between the government sector, institutions and companies to support the work of the public sector and build stable and successful partnerships and relationships between the two sectors technically at the national level.

  • Governomental Portal

    What is the Governmental Portal?

    The official electronic portal of the state is considered one of the pillars of the e-government system, as it is a unified integrated portal for information and e-government services for citizens, residents, visitors and businesses.

  • META Portal

    What is the META Portal?

    The Central Agency for Information Technology supervises the “Matta” platform, which is a central platform for managing government appointments, which aims to organize the mechanism of government appointments and enables auditors to obtain appointments in advance before reviewing the government entity with the ability to identify the requirements that must be met to complete the transaction.

  • National Data Center

    What is the National Data Center?

    The National Data Center is the place designated for hosting and installing the backup automated systems for government agencies in the building of the General Secretariat for Planning and Development, which enables them to restore their systems in the event of major system failures and disasters.

  • Government Correspondence

    What is the Government Correspondence?

    The e-Government Messaging (G2G) project is one of the most important e-government applications that enabled government agencies to exchange government correspondences (G2G) electronically among themselves, which contributes to accelerating the work cycle between those agencies within a framework of accuracy and confidentiality.

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In the belief of the political leadership in the role of the information technology sector as a basic tool in progress, economic, social and knowledge change and human development in developed and developing countries, and confirming the importance of this role, the Emiri Decree No. (266) of 2006 regarding the establishment of the Central Agency for Information Technology


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